Our solutions

At T&AE Europe, we help distributors with laboratory and production equipment for temperature and air treatment, including certified autoclaves, blood banks, incubators, climatic chambers, freezers, etc. 

In case of issues, we are on the spot to provide our distributors with advice and support.  That is our service promise, founded on quality and flexibility. 

From sales and product knowledge to service and maintenance support, distributors can rely on T&AE Europe.

Pharmaceutical refrigerators & freezers

Large range of Pharmaceutical refrigerators and freezers. Temperature range from 2 - 8 °C and to - 40°C.

Sample Preservation

Ultra low temperature freezer solutions. Born from SANYO Biomedical, Raised by Panasonic, matured at Alphavita. Biomedical equipment for ULT storage. Cryogenic solutions in various volumes upright and chest types. With volumes reaching from 300 liter to 800 liter.

Cell culture

Multi-species culture environment (from micro-organism to human)

Sterilisation and Lab Environment

Standard configuration for Level Ⅱ Biosafety Laboratory. Safe and stable operation environment in the lab.


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