Our product categories

Ultra low temperature freezers

We supply one of the most reliable low temp freezers on the market.
These will give the end-users a long term satisfaction with the best expected cost of ownership.


We have a full range of CO² and Multi-gas incubators.
All with dual IR sensors and UV sterilistaion for a year in year out stable environment for your cell cultures.


The Laboratory autoclave will fit in any Laboratory and is easy to use and mantain.
Due to the proven construction the laboratory technicians will have many years of trouble-free use.

Pharmaceutical refrigerators and freezers

Our Pharmaceutical refrigerators are designed for an easy access with a small footprint.
Sliding glassdoors are a standard on many models.
The laboratory freezers and refrigerators have a proportional temperature regulation, Inverter technology, to optimise the temperature homogenity and the power consumption.


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