About us

T &AE Europe stands for Thermal and Air Equipment for the University research laboratories and hospitals. We supply the equipment to our dealers and distributors in the EU.

T&AE Europe is an expert in selecting the right suppliers and the most convenient solutions. This is based on an extensive market and product knowledge and through close cooperation with our distributors. We listen to our customers needs and create long-term relationships by delivering high-quality solutions. As a partner we share our extensive know-how with our dealers. 

We provide technical, logistical and sales-specific information and training to optimize their processes. From purchase to after-sales service support. With our direct, personal touch and tailor-made approach, we work with you to create even greater added value.

The crucial link providing added value

Through its technical, logistical and sales support, T&AE Europe is committed to helping its European distributors,  in making progress within the medical field with its high-quality temperature and air treatment equipment

Our solution-oriented and flexible approach guarantees the crucial link between suppliers and distributors. With our close relationship to both parties we provide the best possible level of service.

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